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The SEIES company produces infrared freeze drying equipment. In this type, the tray with the product is placed between two radiating plates without touching them. The plates heat up to a high temperature and begin to emit in the infrared spectrum. Infrared radiation evenly heats the product from all sides. An infrared freeze-drying equipment is ideal for products of complex shapes, regardless of the area of contact of the product with the tray.

Case manufacturing options:
Polymer composite, the inner surface of the chamber is made of stainless steel AISI 304

Completely made of stainless steel
Painted steel

Equipment with infrared heating is available with the following loading volumes:
250, 500, 750 уstandard kg of raw materials*
Depending on the humidity and type of raw material, fraction and temperature, the time for direct lyophilization ranges from 8 to 36 hours.
Drying cycle - approximate 1 day
Tilda Publishing

Our own development is a control system that allows you to determine as accurately as possible the time at which the sublimation process ends.
This equipment is economical in energy consumption compared to a contact type equipment, which allows reducing drying costs.
Infrared rays penetrate evenly into the product, which significantly speeds up the drying process and increases productivity.
Possibility of integrating our equipment into the technological chain of the customer and its premises, if necessary, and automating the process

Accurate calibration of equipment according to the customer's flow chart for the final product manufacturing
High reliability of equipment and use of reliable units and spare parts
Minimum commissioning period and (optional) delivery of the unit fully assembled “just plug in”
Warranty, training of your staff and technical support at all stages of cooperation
Good and fair price
At your request, we will send you a table by which
our technologists calculate the effectiveness
of the freeze-drying solutionfor different types of products